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Cowboys Ticket Prices Plummet After Romo's Injury

When things are going bad, you have to look for the ray of sunshine, you have to find the silver lining in every cloud. (I sound like a weatherman). So with the Cowboys craptastic 1-5 season in full swing, what possible good can we find? Besides Dez Bryant's future. How about it's now cheaper to attend a Cowboys game. Yup, in these dark economic times, you're now going to get a break if you want to attend a game, say, like the upcoming Jaguars game. Before the Romo injury, an average ticket price was about $180. Now, they look to be around $138. That's a 23% decrease since Romo's clavicle went crack. So at least you may save a few bucks.


If you're interested in tickets, visit the BTB Ticker Center powered by TiqIQ.

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