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Cowboys Actually Favored Over Jaguars

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1-5 record, no Romo, and the Dallas Cowboys are actually favored by around 7 points over the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars, who currently sit at 3-4. I guess that's really an indictment of the Jaguars, gamblers just don't believe in them, so they need a big line to move the money. When the Jags lose, they lose big (38-13 to San Diego, 28-3 to Philadelphia, 30-3 to Tennessee, 42-20 to Kansas City). And when they win, it's not by a whole lot (24-17 over Denver, 31-28 over Indianapolis, 36-26 over Buffalo). Still, they are 3-4 and Dallas just lost their starting quarterback while anchored with a 1-5 record. I would have thought the spread would be closer.

More stuff...

Pro Football focus has a recap of the Giants game with insights and grade. Here's some stuff on Dallas.

Gerald Sensabaugh (-2.6) did not have a good day. The strong safety missed four tackles on the day, while making four, and was also victimized for a touchdown in coverage. Jon Kitna (-1.4) started off behind the curve, needing to throw to stay in the game, but he showed some rust on the throws he was asked to make. His 86.3 QB rating looks good enough (especially considering the rating on his ‘aimed passes’ — i.e., discounting passes thrown away, spikes, etc. — was 97.9), but he missed some open receivers and when the Giants applied pressure, he completed just one pass for 2 yards. As ever, the bright spot on the Dallas side was the play of DeMarcus Ware (+4.9). Ware applied three pressures and earned himself a sack in his 30 pass-rushes, but really played the run well, making two stops and disrupting several run plays in the backfield.


Jerry Jones, on the possibility of firing Wade Phillips mid-season.

Jones has never fired a coach in the middle of the season and reiterated on his radio show this week that he has no plans of changing that philosophy.

"There's no philosophy to it. It's not like you play 80 or so ballgames or 100 or so ballgames. You don't have but a few ballgames," he said. "Relatively speaking, we have 10 games left and I'm just not comfortable doing that. I've never done it. I think our best chance to win the next ballgame, the very best chance, is to certainly keep as much continuity as we can, especially when we have the experience that we've got. It sounds hollow. I understand it does. It's a natural thing to want to freshen up and do something different, but I'm not comfortable with doing that when it comes to the football team."

Wade lives on through 2010, we think.