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Cowboys vs. Jaguars: 5 Questions With Big Cat Country

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We're trying to get back on the horse, it's tough after the Giants loss. But this week, we got the Jacksonville Jaguars, so let's play a little 5 Questions with Big Cat Country.

Blogging The Boys: With a record of 3-4, the Jaguars are hanging around in the playoff race. What were your expectations before the season? Do you think they can make a legitimate run at it, or is it smoke-and-mirrors so far?

Big Cat Country: My prediction before the season was an 8-8 record. Sitting at 3-4, that's still attainable but I'm not so sure they will reach it. The defense is much, much worse than we imagined going in. The offense that was supposed to carry the team has sputtered during most if the games. Barring massive help on the defensive side of the ball, it's going to be difficult to see 8-8 be reached.

BTB: Assess the quarterback situation for us. Is David Garrard for sure starting? How has his play been so far this year?

BCC: His play has been the same as it ever was, up and down. He'll have his good days then he'll have his downright horrible days. As far as Garrard starting, I'm not sure. As I type this (4:03 PM 10/28) Jack Del Rio has yet to name a starter. He said that as long as Garrard can remember snap counts and how to play football, he'd start. I feel it all rests on how he practiced yesterday and today.

BTB: The Jags defense is statistically at the bottom of the league in a lot of categories. Does that tell a true story? Is the defense that bad, or are there things they're doing well?

BCC: Yep. Tells a true story unfortunately. The Jaguars front four actually is pretty good with rookie Alualu, Knighton, and Kampmann, but after that the back seven really struggles. The starting corner opposite Mathis has one back and forth, and the Jaguars will be starting two young safeties who played together for the first time last week.

BTB: Marcedes Lewis is having a heck of a season. Give us the scouting report on him and how the Jags are using him.

BCC: Lewis has been an unused threat for a little while here. He works perfect in a run first team because he is one of the best blocking tight ends in the NFL, but  when he's featured he can also be a huge redzone threat with his hands and size. The Jaguars like to use him on the line of scrimmage to disguise their look and throw to him in the corner of the endzone.

BTB: Tony Romo's injury is unfortunate for us, but fortunate for you guys. How does that change your perspective on this game? Did you feel confident going in even if Romo played?

BCC: Tony Romo going down I think changed Jaguars fan perspective from "We have no chance." to "We have a chance!" Now, I know Jon Kitna hasn't played in nearly 2 seasons, but he's no slouch. With Kitna in however, and the Cowboys struggles rushing the ball, the Jags defensive line should be able to pin their ears back without abandon.

Thanks for the knowledge, Big Cat Country.