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Dallas Cowboys Headlines: Wade's Job Safe? Aikman, Staubach Depressed by 1-5 Start, More

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Uncertain CBA could help save Wade's job for 2011 - Star Telegram
Jerry Jones hinted that there may not be many coaching changes in the NFL in the coming off-season unless the CBA gets done quicker than expected. Ultimately, that might save Phillips' job, Charean Williams writes.

Romo's injury makes evaluation of Phillips tough for Jones -
Elliott Harrison wonders whether making a valiant effort to salvage the season and going 7-9 or 8-8 will save Phillips' job, and if it does, would that move the Cowboys any closer to a Super Bowl berth next season?

Could NFL labor issues save Wade Phillips' job? - DMN
Jerry Jones gave his weekly, 'I have never changed coaches during a season' response to the latest round of questions about the job security of head coach Wade Phillips. David Moore ponders an interesting, CBA-related twist in Jerry's statements yesterday.

Jerry Jones clarifies his stance on Tony Romo, Wade Phillips and a possible youth movement - DMN
David Moore reviews what Jerry Jones said during 15 minutes yesterday as he discussed the state of his 1-5 team. Jones ruminated on the possibility that Tony Romo might not return this season, indicated the CBA might impact the future of coach Wade Phillips and that fans will have to wait a little more before seeing dome of the younger players on the field.

Aikman, Staubach lament current state of Cowboys - Houston Chronicle
The two Cowboys icons are dismayed at what is happening in Dallas, and both only half-jokingly offer their help under center in this AP report.

Disappointment now reigns in Dallas; can Cowboys recover? -
At a host committee luncheon Thursday that was supposed to herald the countdown to the region's first Super Bowl 99 days away the main topic at Cowboys Stadium was how quickly the home team appears to have been counted out of the equation.

AccuScore: Quantifying impact of injured QBs - Yahoosports
AccuScore simulated the rest of the season for the Vikings, Cowboys and Lions to measure each starting QB's value compared to their backup. With Romo under center, AccuScore projected a 7-9 finish for the Cowboys. With Kitna, they project a four-game swing with the Cowboys finishing 5-11.

Word of Muth: Bozo Cross Blitz - Football Outsiders
Ben Muth gets defensive in this week's column, as he breaks down how the Giants' front seven was able to dominate the Cowboys' line and end all hope for a Super Bowl season in Dallas.

Cowboys WR Dez Bryant dazzles, but still has some flaws - DMN
Todd Archer looks at Dez Bryant after 6 games and likes what he sees despite some hiccups along the way.