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Real And Spectacular NFL Week 4 Prediction Results

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I take great pride in writing for a Cowboys blog that has writers who really know a thing or two about football - because I certainly don't.

Six out of seven BTB panelists got at least eight out of 14 picks correct this weekend, and rabblerousr notched his second weekly win, picking 10 of 14 games correctly. Dave and rabblerousr remain atop the BTB leaderboard after four weeks, with 41 and 42 correct picks respectively. Other BTB panelists didn't fare quite as well and one panelist who prefers to remain unnamed would probably be better off flipping a coin instead of ruminating too much on stats, algorithms and the cosmic injustice of random game outcomes.

Today, we're going to look at our predictions from a different perspective. After the break, we look at how the BTB panel looks against six other NFL pick 'em panels: ESPN, USAToday, Yahoosports, Sportingnews, the staff panel at the Dallas Morning News and our SB Nation friends from Bleeding Green Nation. Mirror, mirror on the wall ...

Here is the summary of the BTB week four results. Another solid week for most panelists.

Hotdoglu_medium Me8_medium Head_shot1_medium 123057_crop_340x234_medium Captain_medium Large Emmittintro_medium Bloggingtheboys_medium
Aaron Brandon Dave Martin OCC Paul rabblerousr Consensus
Season Record 34 - 28 36 - 26 41 - 21 36 - 26 30 - 32 38 - 24 42 - 20 36 - 26
Week 4 Record 8 - 6 8 - 6 9 - 5 9 - 5 5 - 9 8 - 6 10 - 4 8 - 6

And now for a look at how the other panels stack up relative to the powerful minds at BTB. Six different panels, 38 football experts in total. rabblerousr beat every single one of those panelists, and Dave is tied for second place with ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the DMN's Tim Cowlishaw and JJT, Yahoosports' Les Carpenter and JimmyK from BGN. Hat tip to the BGN guys who have also delivered top notch results so far.

NFL Pick 'Em Panels: number of correct picks out of 62 games
Name Picks Name Picks Name Picks Name Picks Name Picks Name Picks
O'Brien 38 Cowlishaw 41 Mortensen 41 Iyer 40 Carpenter 41 JimmyK 41
Mihoces 38 JJT 41 Schlereth 38 Dillon 35 Cole 40 JasonB 39
Leahy 38 Sherrington 38 Jaws* 36 Brown 35 Silver 39 BobQ 33
Davis 37 Gosselin 37 Hoge 36 Greenberg 33
Corbett 37 Miller 37 Shefter 35 Wright 33
Saraceno 36 Archer 36 Golic 35 Lande 28
Wood 36 Moore 35 Wickersham 33
Pedulla 33 Fraley 34 Allen 32
Bell 33 Larson 33

* Ron Jaworski does not pick the Monday Night games so he has 36 correct picks against only 57 games.

Do you remember when you had to call on a friend or a brother when you were getting beat up in the schoolyard? That's what I just did with Dave and rabblerousr.