KDP's TEN FOR TEN: Wk 4 results, Wk 5 contests and the bounce back predictions

You know the routine- if you would like to skip over my entirely awesome post and go straight to the contest, proceed to the jump.

COWBOY RECAP: They're baaaaa-aaaaaacck! The Boys return to the field this weekend to face off against the Tennessee Titans. At 1-2 and coming off a bye, it's safe to say that we still have a lot of work to do. Fortunately the other NFC East teams haven't done much to seperate themselves from Dallas, or the rest of the NFC for that matter. The Redskins sit atop the division with 2 wins, 2 more than all of last year. The Giants look like they are completely lost on offense, but that defensive showing against the Bears on Sunday night does raise some concern. Are they really back, or did Chi-town's O-line cave like they LOOKED they were about to in Big D? I think it's a little bit of both.

With Chicago's loss, that brings the NFC #1 seed a little closer, as Dallas only sits a game and a half behind the 3-1 teams. Alot of people have spoken to Dallas' success after the bye week in their history, and we'd be well-served by adding 3 more consecutive wins to the victory in Houston.

PREDICTIONS: Wow... Vegas got EVERYONE last week.For various reasons (see: excuses) I went 1-3 on predictions last week. The Chargers did dominate the Cardinals, but the Steeler's just couldn't hold on for the last minute against the Ravens and blew that game. Chicago and Philly had quarterback injuries and you can never account for in game setbacks, but those teams were losing well before Vick and Cutler went out.

Week 2: 2-0

Week 3: 3-1

Week 4: 1-3

Overall: 6-4

As you know, I predict 3 winners ATS, and also include my SureFire Lock from my spot on a weekly internet radio show (Flood The Block, Tuesdays 730p on - shameless plug)

Lions (-3)

St Louis @ Detroit (-3) (O/U 42.5): I successfully predicted that Cleveland would get their first win of the season last week (check my ten for ten) and I think the Lions get off the schnide this week. St Louis, winners of 2 in a row- have to go on the road now and I just don't think they have what it takes to win while traveling. At least not right now. Look for the national debate on whether Calvin Johnson is the best receiver in the NFL to start this week after he gets 3 TDs in this game (remember, I brought you Brandon Marshall's breakout prediction two weeks ago).

Texans (-3)

NYGiants @ Houston (-3) (O/U 47.5): Another home team getting only the customary 3 points. I don't think that NY will be able to do to Houston what they did to Chicago, not even close. Schaub gets rid of the ball better than Cutler and has weapons that must be respected for skill not just speed- especially with Andre Johnson having a week's rest for that high ankle sprain.

Falcons (-3)

Atlanta (-3) @ Cleveland (O/U: 40.5): Yes, Cleveland got their first win last week. Yes, Cleveland is getting Jake Delhomme back. No, I don't care. Atlanta is a MUCH better squad in pretty much every phase of the game except for special teams. They shouldn't have any issues here.

Radio prediction: Cowboys over Tennessee, straight up.

4-team parlay Odds: 100:837


Cool, so on to TEN FOR TEN. You know the game. A 10 team parlay of all straight up bets will often result in winning $10,000 for a $10 bet. I make one of these bets every week and the contest here is to see who can be the first to go 10 for 10. Pick 10 winners of any game on the week 4 schedule. Here are the results for those that picked last week. The number in (parenthesis) after the name indicates their total score going into the week. The way things are shaping up, I'll award a prize to the first person that goes 10 for 10, and the winner at the end of the season.

Also, if you had picks from previous weeks that aren't included in your total, I drop anyone that didn't pick last week. Just make a reply and I'll look up your past total and put you back on the leaderboard. You'll be behind in the season race(not weekly), but who knows.

Last weeks best picker: Four-way tie with 7 correct picks: Deef Chief, Jeremiah_24, xialin, and InkedKing- way to wade through the much gents!

Overall leader: What can I say? I was still able to hang on to the top spot as 6 of the top 7 pickers all scored +6 on the week. KDP leads the board @ +26, but Creasy729 is still on my heels @ +25, and now there are 4 people at 2 off the pace and another at 3 off.


KDP (20): +6

Creasy729 (19):+6

BishopWest (18): +6

thebigham (18):+6

levcd (18):+6

scotcowboyfan (17):+6

Deef Chief (17):+7

IMHO (15):+5

Benthere(15): +6

AperfectStar(14): +6

lxblssng (13): +6


Jeremiah24 (12):+7

cwby4lf (12):+5 (you shouldve gone with that BMore pick man!)

One.Cool.Customer(12): +5

Alexcomestokill(11): +

Static (11): +

xailin (11):+7

Jeterian2(7): +

demonbane(7): +


Unique(5) +

1Bullseye(0): +6


Week 5 GAMES:

Jacksonville @ Buffalo

Denver @ Baltimore

KC @ Indy

Green Bay @ Washington

St Louis @ Detroit

Chicago @ Carolina

Tampa Bay @ Cincinatti

Atlanta @ Cleveland

NY Giants @ Houston

New Orleans @ Arizona

Tennesee @ Dallas

San Diego @ Oakland

Philly @ San Fran

Minnesota @ NY Jets

Good luck all!



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