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Jason Garrett's First Post-Practice News Conference As Cowboys Head Coach

I don't know what kind of coach Jason Garrett will be, but his press conferences are a fun listen, only because of the way he dodges any question he doesn't want to discuss, and continually reminds us when and where the next game is at. Well, it's more than that. He does give off the feel that he's in charge, and that he's supremely confident in what he's doing. And in case you didn't know, the Cowboys are moving forward. Forward. Looking ahead. Not looking behind, No rear-view mirror. You get the idea.

Check it out for yourself. A few key paraphrased quotes below...


We practiced well today, still have a meeting to go this afternoon but it was a good start.

Does it feel like starting over with the team?

It doesn't feel like starting over, a lot of players and coaches in this building have history, have had success with each other. We understand how we got started this season, but we got a lot of football to play. Put good days together, be good today. They heard that message.

Lineup changes?

No discussion of any lineup changes right now.

What was the tone of your meeting?

The tone is: It's business, it's time to get to work. The Giants are going to be at the Meadowlands at 4:15 on Sunday, they're an awfully good football team. (BTW, Jason responded with the 'Giants in the Meadowlands' line at least three times through the press conference when he didn't want to answer a question about the past, or comparisons to Wade, etc.)

What did you talk to the players about?

We talked about how we evaluate players, doesn't matter where they come from, Pro Bowl players or undrafted free agents, we're going to play the best guys.

How will your role change during the game?

They'll be some decisions I'll have to make that I didn't have to before. Game management type decisions. Still calling the plays. (He hinted that Wade Wilson might be doing more of the QB meetings on the sidelines during games, but said he would also jump in.)

Involved with the defense?

Absolutely I'll be involved with the defense, I'm the head coach of the football team.

How often practice in pads?

On Wednesday we'll practice in pads

On how he runs his daily routine:

We want to create a tempo for our workday. We'll start earlier than before.

-- And just because I love it, another fun Giants reference:

This Giants don't care about this coaching change, the Giants are preparing for Sunday, so we got to get ready.

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