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Jason Witten Answers Questions In Conference Call With New York Media

Jason answered some question by the New York media today.
Jason answered some question by the New York media today.

Jason Witten and Jason Garrett both talked to the New York media in a conference call today. Jason Garrett reiterated a lot of the themes he also touched on in the press conference from earlier. Here's an extract of what Jason Witten had to say:

Q: Do you sense a difference in the building today?

Jason Witten: "Over the last three and a half years we've had a lot of success and I think the players feel a little disappointed, like they let him [Wade Phillips] down, but at the same time with Jason, I think we know what his leadership is and we know what his mindset is and our mentality is get back to work. We have eight games left, one game at a time. Sunday is going to be here quick. Nobody is feeling sorry for ourselves and obviously the Giants aren't going to be either, so we need to rally it back and play good football.

Q: Was there anything different in practice? We heard you were in full pads.

Jason Witten: "We were in full pads. I think we had a good meeting this morning and the message was clear with where we were going and how the leadership was going to be played out and I think that without going into it too much, it was just a clear layout for what we're going to do and how we're going to do it and it doesn't mean it's going to be easy."

"It's just the mentality that we're going to take. There was a spark there and we did go full pads and had an intense practice and our mentality is, let's stack good days up and that'll carry over to Sunday hopefully. We know what a tough challenge it's going to be going into the Meadowlands."

Q: Can you give me an example of Jason's leadership quality?

Jason Witten: "Well, he's been obviously the offensive coordinator for the last four years here, so I've had a great relationship with him from that standpoint. He's very organized, very detailed. Like I said, he laid out a game plan and was clear with where we were going, so I think that any time you just put it out there like that and set the guidelines, a team has to be all in."

"That's our mentality. We're 1-7 and there is no mistaking that and we're going to play hard together, there's no finger pointing, we're going to practice hard together and be good teammates and go about it the right way. Jason's mentality has been just let's lay the guidelines, obviously this isn't what any of us had intended, but this is where we're at and we've got to move forward with this."

The full transcript of the conference call, including what Jason Garrett had to say, can be found here.

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