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Dallas Cowboys Headlines: Of Grudge Matches, Sharp Dressed Men, Tough Guys And More

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders: Always impeccably dressed.
Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders: Always impeccably dressed.

Former Cowboys scout Bryan Broaddus sees a grudge match between the Cowboys and the Giants - ESPNDallas
Broaddus looks at the key matchups for the game, focusing on the Cowboys' run defense and the ability of the Cowboys running backs to pick up the blitz.

Jason Garrett wants players to 'suit up' - Dallas Morning News
Gerry Fraley writes that Jason Garrett has changed the dress code for air travel, and wants all players to wear a tie, sport coat, slacks and dress shoes on the way to and from the game. At least they'll be sharp dressed men.

Dallas' new defensive coordinator is one tough guy - FOX Sports
This AP wire report profiles new Cowboys defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni, a man known for his intensity and all the subtlety of a punch to the gut. With his ferocity, it is unlikely Pasqualoni will ever be confused with predecessor Wade Phillips.

Could Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck be Cowboys' best draft option? - Foxsports Southwest
Hunter Ansley jumps on the "Sure, Romo’s good. But it might be better to have Luck" bandwagon that is increasingly gathering steam. He argues that with the Cowboys ticketed for a pick near the top of the draft, it's time to ask the question of whether they should consider selecting Andrew Luck as their quarterback of the future.

Moose: Cowboys downfall started with training-camp plan -
Daryl 'Moose' Johnston thinks the root cause of the Cowboys collapse is Jerry Jones and his quest for money and glory cause that resulted in a traveling circus that Jerry sold fans as 'training camp'.

"Just say No" to Jerry - Star-Telegram
Jennifer Floyd Engel isn't calling for coaches with Super Bowl reps that apparently have been blowing up Jerry's phone. But she makes a good case that to succeed in Dallas a coach needs to have a willingness to tell Jerry "no", "hell no" and "back the hell off".

Is Dungy right when he says Cowboys need a big name? - USAToday
Tony Dungy appeared on the Dan Patrick Radio Show to say that he wasn't a candidate for the Dallas Cowboys job and echoed most experts by saying that owner Jerry Jones needed to hire a big name.

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