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Pat Summerall Discusses Wade Phillips And The State Of The Cowboys

Ed Valentine, our intrepid Giants blogger at Big Blue View, also works on SB Nation's New York regional site. He recently had a chance to talk to legendary announcer Pat Summerall about the Cowboys. Summerall acknowledged his friendship with Wade Phillips, but still noted that he had lost the team, the Cowboys seemed to have lost interest in the season. He doesn't let the players off the hook and lay all the blame at Wade's doorstep. He likes what Jason Garrett brings to the table, but noted it's up to the players.

"[Garrett] sounds like he's all business, and Wade Phillips was not all business. Wade Phillips was an excuse for the players who performed poorly, he always had an excuse for them," Summerall said. "That's maybe a good approach for some teachers, but not for Jason Garrett...."

Summerall doesn't let Jerry Jones off the hook, either.

"Jerry thinks that his approach and his knowledge of the game is such that he doesn't need a go-between, that he could probably coach the team himself -- he thinks. That's not necessarily true," Summerall said. "I think he does need a go-between and I think he made a good choice in picking Jason Garrett to take over."

You can read the full article, here.

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