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Latest Casualty Of The Cowboys 2009 Draft: Stephen Hodge

The Dallas Cowboys 2009 draft class is turning into an epic fail. Wade Phillips helped oversee this draft, so the fact that very few of these guys have been able to help the Cowboys out is part of the issue with Wade Phillips' demise. No fresh infusion of talent, no competent backups for injury, very few guys even making a minor impact so far.

The latest casualty - Stephen Hodge. Hodge was drafted to be a hybrid safety/linebacker who should at least have been a special teams ace. It never panned out, injury kept Hodge from ever exploring the possibilities of his football talent. Dallas reached an injury settlement with Hodge.

We've detailed the carnage that is the 2009 draft previously.

Below, we update the list.

Jason Williams - Was a special teamer and got in on some on nickel and dime packages.

Robert Brewster (PS) - The Cowboys brought him back to the practice squad. Seeing that they just invested a roster spot on OT Jeremy Parnell (plucked him from the Saints' practice squad), that could be all the project they want on the outside. We all know they're planning on drafting four offensive tackles in 2011 right?

Stephen McGee - He's kind of active every now and then when the team doesn't take advantage of that emergency-third quarterback rule.

Victor Butler - Special teamer and gets in on the rotation behind Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware.

Brandon Williams - Always inactive. Probably just a number crunch thing but this guy turned heads in camp and is said to have a good pass-rushing burst.

DeAngelo Smith - Trivia question: Who did David Buehler beat in a footrace in the '09 camp? Yeah, this guy didn't make the cut that year. Don't think that race had anything to do with it.

Mike Hamlin - Whodathunkit? Was it the Matt Forte touchdown? The presence of Danny McCray and Barry Church?

David Buehler - After last season, Buehler arguably shared the '09 cool rookie crown with the team's later 6th-rounder. His booming touchbacks are not automatic anymore. His placekicking accuracy is still a work in progress.

Stephen Hodge - Never could shake the injury bug, spent most of his time in the trainer's room. The Cowboys just reached an injury settlement with him.

John Phillips - On IR. Admit it. We all miss him. The TE/FB situation has been a turnstile. He's likely the class of this class.

Mike Mickens -See "Deangelo Smith" minus the Buehler race thing and add that Mickens remained on the practice squad until the Bucs snagged him last November.

Manny Johnson (PS) - In his second-year on the practice squad. After seeing his buddy Holley get the call during his second year on the P-squad, Johnson has got to have some hope the team will someday do the same for him. It's a logjam at the wideout position right now. The Cowboys, though, love them some WRs on special teams units.

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