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Garrett Gave Nothing To The "Tin Men" That They Didn't Already Have

"Oz never did give nothin' to the Tin Man, that he didn't...didn't...already have."

"Tin Man"  by America

Not my favorite 70s band.  Not even my favorite song by my not-favorite 70s band.  (Okay, "Ventura Highway," if you care.)  But the above lyric is a perfect reminder for Cowboy fans as we try to put that  Jason Garrett Era-opening win over the Giants into some perspective.

Garrett, aka "Oz," didn't give the Boys the kind of competitive heart they displayed Sunday at The (New) Meadowlands.  Clearly, they had it in them all along.   But Garrett, at least based on this initial--and inconclusive-research sample, did give "it" a chance to surface.  

Isn't that what good coaching is all about?

Robust cardiac health, just seven days after flatlining in Green Bay.   Dr. Garrett must get some credit.  He issued the right advice and wrote the right prescriptions.  But it was the patient's willingness to follow that treatment regimen that led to that 33-20 victory and restored a hopeful prognosis for the final seven games of the season.

This wasn't directly about starting meetings earlier and on time, or practicing in full pads on Wednesday or wearing coats and ties on an airplane--although those were all good--and overdue orders.  Sometimes a clean slate in and of itself can be the origin of a beautiful formula.  If nothing else, and maybe nothing else matters, Garrett has started to restore accountability and professionalism to a squad that through eight games had been about as accountable and professional as F-Troop.

One game.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  We can hold off on The Coronation, and it's not quite time to fit JG for The Fedora.  But the difference was startling.

Mike Jenkins sticking his nose into the blender.   Only one sack allowed.  Just five penalties.  A Red Zone stop that turned into a 14-point swing when Bryan McCann showed he can. An Alan Ball interception.  An Alan Ball interception?  This was a different team.

Now show me it wasn't "One in a row."  

Oz gave nothin' to the Tin Man, and JG gave nothin' to the Boys.  But at least for one game, he helped them find what they already had. 

Isn't that what good coaching is all about?

The lights went out at The Meadowlands.  Let's hope they're coming on at Valley Ranch.

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