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Deciphering Garrett: How to 'Have A Great Day'

Jason Garrett wants us to Have A Great Day. And then another one. And another one...
Jason Garrett wants us to Have A Great Day. And then another one. And another one...

With a big hat tip to Bob Sturm's excellent 'Decoding Garrett' series, today we set out to decipher another one of Garrett's press conferences.

In today's press conference, Garrett gave the as yet clearest indication of what his message to the team has been over the last few days and will continue to be.

After the break, we look at the five key themes that Garrett repeats to his team with the subtlety of a sledgehammer and the persistence of a Mumbai telemarketer. And if the Cowboys are listening, chances are we'll all Have A Great Day. You know where and when.

All the of Garrett's quotes are taken directly from the press conference video courtesy of the mothership. Here's the summary of his message to the players:

Do Your Job:

"One of the things we talk about all the time is trying to ‘Do Your Job’. Do Your Job on a daily basis. Do Your Job regardless of circumstance or environment."

You're Expected To Perform:

"You have to be able to say ‘We’re going to play you guys in the parking lot. At midnight". And still feel good about it. That’s one of the things we emphasize to our players: "Regardless of circumstances, You’re Expected To Perform".


We talk about Focus. We talk about "Doing Your Job". And again, regardless of circumstance.

Hard Coaching:

"I think we try to push them all [not just the young players]. We try to push them all. That’s one of the things we talk to our guys about a lot. "We are going to coach you. We are going to coach you hard. And if you’re not getting coached, let us know". I don’t care if you’re a rookie free agent or a Pro Bowl player. It’s our job to do that, and the best players I’ve ever been around want to be coached, and want to be coached hard.

It's about the Process:

"One of the themes that we have with our players, and something I put in front of them all the time is: ‘You’ve got to try to stack good days on top of each other’. We’re trying to do that. Guys are working hard, the intensity was good, we’ve got a lot of things to clean up, but we’re making progress."


"This is a results-oriented league, but we’re a process-oriented organization. The guys hear me say it a lot. They heard me say it a lot today: "It’s about stacking good days on top of each other". Rather than worrying about what happened last week, we have to get our focus on preparing each and every day as well as we can, because we have another challenge this week."

Garrett then closed the press conference with his already customary "Have A Great Day."

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