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Lions vs. Cowboys: Good News On The Injury Front; Dez Bryant Is Violent

Use caution when tackling!
Use caution when tackling!

The Dallas Cowboys welcomed back some key veterans to practice today, a good indication they will play on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. Terence Newman is dressed and participating, as is Jay Ratliff.


But, even better news, is this description of Dez Bryant by Cowboys QB Jon Kitna concerning what happens once he has the ball in his hands (courtesy of ESPN-Dallas).

"It’s almost as if people around him are irrelevant," Kitna said. "His goal is to get to the goal line and if you just happen to be in the way, you’re in the way. He’s kind of like Adrian Peterson out there."

Any receiver who comes to mind like that?

"That violent? That’s pretty violent," Kitna said. "It’s hard for me to even think about that. It’s like a Walter Payton mentality."

Ha! Dez Bryant runs violently. Love it.

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