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Cowboys Friday Tailgate: What's Your Drink?

Sounds pretty straight forward. What's your drink of choice at a tailgate?

But, when you think about it, other factors come into play. The weather can be one. If it's early in the season, and the sun is still shining, then I'm definitely going for the ice-cold brew. That goes well with all kinds of food, and feels excellent on a nice, warm day. But if the leaves have changed and the weather has turned cold, I'm hitting the flask. All apologies to Captain Morgan, our sponsor, but nothing warms the body up like a nice hit of scotch out of a flask. Yup, I'm a scotch man.

Now, some guys might be hardcore beer devotees. No matter how many gloves they have to wear in 20 degree weather, by God, they'll be holding a beer. That's dedication. Or maybe there's a crowd of people who work off variations of Irish coffee. Some warm coffee infused with some warmer spirits might do the trick. I've also tasted some very fine mixed punch drinks, but generally prefer those on a warm day. And let's not forget, some people don't drink alcohol at all.

So what's being consumed at your tailgate?

P.S. - Always drink responsibly and if you do drink at games, have a designated driver! I've done my duty.

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