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No Surprise: If Healthy, Tony Romo Wants To Play

I don't think it will come as a shock to anybody that Tony Romo wants to play the remaining games of the season once he is cleared medically. The Dallas Cowboys starting QB has been throwing recently and stepping up his cardiovascular training. We've all seen Romo on the sidelines wearing the headphones and even trying to coach 'em up during games, but what he really wants is to play.

"I'm sure there will be discussions once I get healthy," Romo said. "But for me, it's football season, and football players usually play football during football season."

Romo's recent X-rays showed he's still on the mend but could conceivably be ready to play in the final few contests of the season. At that time, the Cowboys brain-trust has a decision to make: Do you put Romo back into the mix for what will surely be nothing more than games played for pride (and draft position), or do you call it a day (or in this case a season) and let him sit while Jon Kitna closes it out?

Earlier this week, the ex-Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson told yours truly here at BTB that he comes down squarely on the side of holding Romo out.

"I would be ultra-conservative with Tony Romo. I would lean more on the side of not playing him this year. I just think with the record, and the way Kitna is playing, I think it's too big of a risk, and why make the risk when Tony Romo is going to be the quarterback for years to come."

I tend to agree with this line of thinking. I'm not sure what's to be gained by bringing Romo back for a few games at the end of the season. Now, Jason Garrett might have a different take on that. He's fighting for his job in 2011, and if he thinks that playing Tony Romo gives him the best opportunity to win those games, you can bet he'll do that. And knowing Garrett's persona, I'm guessing that's what he'd want to do, unless the Cowboys roll up some victories over the intervening weeks with Kitna playing hot. Then it may be a case of don't rock the boat.

Meanwhile, Romo had this to say about Garrett:

"Jason's done a great job in a tough situation and coming in difficult circumstances," Romo said. "He's been very prepared and has really given the team a real lift. He has a certain direction he wants to go and he's having the team follow it. ...

"You've heard him say it 30 times, the process, he has his ideas and will go about obtaining it the way he thinks is the best. That's his approach."

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