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Pro Bowl Voting Online: Which Dallas Cowboys Players Are Deserving?

Online voting for the Pro Bowl game is up and running over at This got me thinking, is any Dallas Cowboys player deserving of a trip to the Pro Bowl? In this terrible season when a coach has been fired, the Cowboys playoffs snuffed out early, and a putrid 3-8 record - is there anybody playing well enough for Pro Bowl recognition? Actually there are a few guys.

Punter Mat McBriar leads the NFL in net punting average at 43 yards. He's had no blocked punts or TDs returned. A lot of this has to do with good punt coverage by the Cowboys special teams, but McBriar has always been among the best punters in the league and this year is no different.

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Another Cowboys standby as among the best in the league at their position, Jason Witten, is having a very good year except for TDs. Witten has 60 catches which is most among all tight ends. He's gained 660 yards and has three touchdowns. 

DeMarcus Ware has 9.5 sacks on the season which ranks him 5th in the NFL.

And finally, how about we try to get Dez Bryant a Pro Bowl trip for his efforts not as a receiver, but as a kick/punt returner. His main competition in the NFC is probably Devin Hester. (Marc Mariani is having a great season in the AFC). Here's how Bryant and Hester stack up against each other.

2 Devin Hester, 5 KR 35.6 avg. 0 TD 25 PR 14.8 avg. 2 TD
3 Dez Bryant, 9 KR 20.7 avg. 0 TD 15 PR 14.3 avg. 2 TD


I'd say Hester has a little bit of a lead there, but who cares, let's vote for Dez anyway.

You can vote here.

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