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Dez Bryant Still Shining Despite Cowboys Troubles

We need something positive. Just one little thing that will bring a moment of tranquility in this world of hurt we're in. The Dallas Cowboys, collectively, are melting down. Individually, a lot of the players have regressed on the field. The offensive line looks like it just turned 106 years old, the defense is giving up 29 points a game, 31st in the NFL.

So thank heavens for Dez Bryant. We'll remember the 2010 season for many reasons, but one of them will likely be the year we got Dez. Bryant was basically responsible for Dallas' lone touchdown in the Green Bay game. He caught three passes on that touchdown drive, and the one he caught in the endzone was perfection. He managed to position his body correctly, get up high to meet the ball that was intentionally thrown high, and then wrap those enormous mitts around the football. All the while having the hand strength - and concentration - to haul it in even though the ball was touched by the defender. The kid has major skills. (We'll forgive him the bonehead play on the punt return late in the game).

He also, apparently, has heart. He's not ready to stop playing, and he knows how this team looks to the fans. From his twitter account.

@DEZ_88 : "I'm sorry to all the Dallas cowboys fans....I promise not to give up and keep fighting mind will not let me-from Dez Bryant"

As we've watched things go from bad to worse over the last month, Bryant is the one guy on the Cowboys who seems to have the energy required for a NFL game. Right now, he's our best receiver, and basically our best offensive weapon. Jason Witten is the only other guy over the past few games that has contributed consistently on offense. And even he was a non-factor this week. This also brings up the question: What has happened to Miles Austin? His numbers have plummeted, his impact on the game last night was nil - except for being the intended target on a bad Jon Kitna throw that was intercepted.

Thanks for being a bright spot in an otherwise dark season, Dez Bryant.

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