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Jay Ratliff Takes On Cowboys Media

I love me some Jay Ratliff, but Jay Ratliff doesn't love him some Calvin Watkins. Over on Jay's Twitter page, we have the following series of messages:

Calvin Watkins wrote a story and said that I was benched in the 3rd qtr. Simply not true. I was playing left d-end bc Spears was down.

Calvin you're a real dumb ass with no knowledge of the game or what going on during the game. You're still a snake...... God Bless LOL!!!!

To all our fans I apologize for whats going on this yr but I give the same promise I gave my teammates. I WILL NEVER QUIT FIGHTING!! NEVER!!

Thanks for all the support of our fans. You all deserve better...... this is a ugly situation but again we are not giving up

The offending Calvin Watkins line, I think, is from this post:

In a surprise, coach Wade Phillips is keeping the veteran players in the game. He did bench Jay Ratliff for Brent for a few plays, but he later returned.

[and this from another post]:

With 11:51 to play in the third quarter, Jay Ratliff was benched for Josh Brent, but he later returned to the game.

The Cowboys might be trying to send a message to some of their veteran players that they need to play better.

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