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Wade Phillips Fired, Jason Garrett New Head Coach Of Dallas Cowboys - It's Official

Wade Phillips is out, Jason Garrett is in.
Wade Phillips is out, Jason Garrett is in.

Wade Phillips has been fired as the Dallas Cowboys head coach and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is the new head coach in Dallas. Not a moment too soon.

Wade Phillips had and up-and-down tenure in Dallas. He started hot in his first season, but fizzled in the playoffs. The next year the team collapsed before missing the playoffs. Last year, the Cowboys won the NFC East and a playoff game. They were widely touted as a team on the rise and a Super Bowl contender. But it all came crashing down in 2010. The team has gone 1-7, and has lost all competitiveness; they were the walking dead. Jerry Jones finally came to his senses and realized this was the only move he could make.


Now, he's promoted Jason Garrett to the top spot. This will likely spark a furor among the Cowboys faithful. Some, like me, welcome the move and want to see once and for all what Garrett can do. Some others, equally valid in reason, think that Garrett is just part of the problem. We'll finally know.

Garrett was once the wunderkind, the red-haired genius, the brains behind a very potent Cowboys offense; but as the offense has struggled with redzone woes, a failing running game and a failure to keep Tony Romo healthy, some of the luster has come off. Garrett is embattled like Phillips was, and will have to return this team to a semblance of competitiveness among the NFL landscape or he's just passing time until the season ends.

Can Jason Garrett get the players respect? Can he get them to play hard? What's your gut tell you about the Jason Garrett Era?

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