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Jason Garrett Speaks About Being New Cowboys Head Coach

Sometime in the last couple of hours, Jason Garrett spoke about being the new head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. I've pieced together quotes from various sources.

We've discussed how Jason Garrett is stepping into a bad situation, the Cowboys are just a terrible football team right now, and he has eight games to prove he's the coach of the future. He's got an injured quarterback, and a football team that is a true mess. Still, the idea that he'd have to be pursued at all to take the job seems absurd. He's been waiting on this for years.

"He didn’t have to persuade me at all,’’ said Garrett when asked if he had be convinced to take the job with no guarantees beyond this season. "Being the head football coach of the Dallas Cowboys is a great job, it’s a great opportunity."

Jason Garrett likes the idea of going forward.

"I think anybody involved in this organization, really from the top down, is disappointed with our season so far and how we got here," Garrett said. "Having said that, we’re all excited about what we’re going to do going forward. This is about going forward.

"We have to put the first eight games of the season behind us, we have to learn from them and we need to go forward. One of the things that I talk to the players about all the time is embracing the moment, embracing the day, being great today. That’s what I’m going to ask the coaching staff to do, that’s what I’m going to ask the players to do, and everyone involved in this organization to do. Be great today. Be great going forward."

Garrett, on how he plans to move forward.

"Anytime you have a head coaching change, I think the team in some way takes on the character of that coach," Garrett said. "All I can do is be who I am in this role. I tried to do that when I was playing in this league; I’ve tried to do that as an assistant coach and a coordinator in this league; and I will do that as a head coach. I have things that I believe in. I have things that I’m convicted about. Many of them have been on display over the last 3 ½ years and some of them will be new and different based on this new responsibility that I do have."

Garrett is self-assured if nothing else. Witness below.

Garrett will meet with the players Wednesday morning. Asked what he would tell them, Garrett said, "Wade is no longer the coach. I am the coach and what we’re going to do going forward."

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