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What Some Cowboys Players Had To Say About Wade Phillips And Jason Garrett

Some of the players reactions to the firing of Wade Phillips and the hiring of Jason Garrett.

ESPN Dallas:

Jon Kitna:

"Anytime the head coach gets fired, it’s an indictment of the football team," fill-in quarterback Jon Kitna said. "I hope it serves as a wakeup call for guys around here. When they start making decisions like that and things like that happen, it’s just a prelude of things to come as far as changes on the football team."

Jay Ratliff on what went wrong.

"If I knew, I would have said something a long time ago," Ratliff said. "We wouldn’t be here talking about this. Nobody knows. You ask anybody else the same thing and they probably give you the same answer I just did. I’m pretty sure you heard that a lot lately. I can’t quite put my finger on it."


David Buehler:

"I'm just kind of in shock right now," said kicker David Buehler. "It's tough. A guy you respect so much and rally around is gone."


Martellus Bennett:

"Sometimes it’s not all on the coach," Bennett said. "We’ve got to make plays as players. Coaches take the blame for it, but a lot of times, players need to take some of that blame too."

Miles Austin:

"Any time someone loses their job, you obviously have something to do with it," Austin said. "It’s tough, you know?"

Terence Newman:

Cornerback Terence Newman said after the loss to Jacksonville that the Cowboys were not quitters, but more like someone who had encountered rough times.

"It’s like a boxer," Newman said. "Once he gets hit in the face, he kind of gets that reaction of ‘Woo, I just took one.’

"Sometimes a boxer is not used to that. Mike Tyson was the greatest fighter at one point in time. He got hit and he got hit and he ended up losing a fight because he wasn’t used to what was happening. We’re not used to what’s happening so at certain points and times, your confidence can wane."

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