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BTB Interview Part I: DeMarcus Ware Talks Wade Phillips And Jason Garrett

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DeMarcus Ware was promoting FedEx Office launching its annual Pack and Ship with the Pros program today. They're "hiring" NFL players to work at a Fed Ex office for a few hours, and DeMarcus did his stint today. "Instead of pass rushing, I'll be packing and shipping with the pros at FedEx Office," said Dallas linebacker DeMarcus Ware. "I'll have some fun with my fans in a new environment, while learning how to package up some of those special holiday gifts." Fed Ex is giving you the chance to win season tickets and other items, here.

After putting in his hours, I was able to talk to DeMarcus for a little bit, and present the following two-part interview. Part I is below, Part II will be coming later today.

Blogging The Boys: How did you find out about Wade Phillips being fired?

DeMarcus Ware: I came to work early and then I went to get some lunch and I heard about it over the radio.

BTB: What was your initial reaction?

DW: I was shocked, thought we were going to finish the season, at least let him get through the whole season, but obviously were not playing good enough and Jerry Jones thought we needed a change.

BTB: Some media reports say the defensive players hardly know Jason Garrett. Would you say that's accurate? What about your own experiences?

DW: You know what, I just go by what I know. The offense and defense, we're a team, but we meet separately, so I don't really know what he's like in the meeting room. From me just knowing him, he's a great guy, and a good coach, so that's who we roll with and keep pushing forward.

BTB: What kind of coach will Jason Garret be, from what you've seen and how he conducts himself?

DW: I think he's going to be a coach who is really a meticulous coach, a coach that pays attention to detail because there's so many things that go on offensively, he's going to try and take care of the small things first. I think that's the type of coach he will be. And I know the guys on offense, I think they're motivated by him, so I think he's going to do the same deal with us (defense).

BTB: Paul Pasqualoni takes over the defense as the coordinator now. Do you think you'll be running pretty much the same scheme as Wade, or do you think there will be some changes?

DW: I think when you bring a new coach in, he has his own philosophy and there are going to be changes, but you have a baseline on what you're doing already, but you can always do it better. With him here, I think he's going to take that philosophy, but there are going to be some changes, and we're ready for it.

BTB: How much can be changed when a new coach comes in? You really only have the next three practices to get ready for the game. Can you change much or do you have to go off the same schemes and calls for the next couple weeks?

DW: Everybody knows what to do, so you can really dial up whatever you want, but it's what you want to dial up in certain situations and I think that's what going to change. It's not going to be the philosophy of the old coach, it's going to be Pasqualoni's philosophy, what he thinks is most important because he's calling the shots now.

BTB: What kind of coach is Pasqualoni, you've obviously had some interaction with him before?

DW: With Paul, I've had him as the linebackers coach, he's a very intense coach, he's very involved, really meticulous. He has a lot of meetings and it's the really small things he'll harp on. That's what's been getting us beat now, so that's going to help us out. I think it's good.

BTB: Do you think bringing in a news coach can be a good thing, just because it's a new voice can spark a team or can help wake players up?

DW: Sometimes change is good, sometimes change is bad. It's up to the Lord to figure that out.

We'll leave it there, with a prayer that something good will happen to these Cowboys over the final eight games. I want to thank DeMarcus Ware for his time and answering all my questions, and be sure to check back later today for Part II of the interview.

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