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Cowboys Keith Brooking Isn't Shy About Blaming The Players

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking was on ESPN Radio in Dallas with Galloway and Company, parts of that interview were transcribed over at Sports Radio Interviews. He had plenty to say about the Cowboys firing of Wade Phillips, and he puts the blame squarely on the shoulders of the players. He discussed letting Wade Phillips down as players and talked about accountability. Then, he tackled a question that has baffled everyone, and one we'll also address in the second-part of my DeMarcus Ware interview later today. (Part I of the DeMarcus Ware interview).

On what happened with the defense from this year to last year:

"I understand why, the reasons we collapsed. It’s pretty simple. I’ve said this before, there’s a lack of execution out there on the field. Now, the reasons we’re not executing, you can throw a lot of those out there, but we’re not going out there and executing the defense that’s called. … It’s the same defense, it’s the same calls, essentially the same players, minus one, out there on the field."

He then moved from the past to the future, talking about Jason Garrett.

On how Jason Garrett might be able to help the team:

"I think Jason is a guy that has an enormous amount of experience in this league. He’s been on championship teams, he’s had a lot of success, regardless of what’s happened this year. He’s had a lot of success as an offensive coordinator. I think that experience, that knowledge, being on some really good teams, some great teams, his experience as a player and a coach, he can bring a lot to our team."

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