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What Will They Be Saying About The Cowboys vs. Eagles Game?

[Ed Note] I'd like to welcome a new member to the front-page team here at BTB. With Aaron and Brandon on IR right now (their real jobs have taken over their time), we needed a little help off the bench. You guys know him as KDP and he's been around BTB for a couple of years now. He''ll be posting under the byline KD Drummond. So please welcome him to the front-page. - Dave [End Note]

So, this is what the view looks like! Very appreciative that Dave thinks the skill-set I possess is worthy of helping our community grow. I'm humbled by the responsibility I now have, to uphold the tradition of these coworkers and those that have graced this page before me. Those of you that read the FanPosts are familiar with my weekly 'KDP's TEN FOR TEN' which morphed from a small contest into a weekly recap of my Cowboys related thoughts for the week and gambling advice (for fun, not for profit, of course) to those that were interested. However, I plan to offer the readers more than that.

More about the poll below...

A small bit on what I hope will come through in my contributions. I'm a highly accountable fan's fan. I evaluate both sides of an argument, defend one, and then turn around and say 'but A doesn't always equate to B' because I like to formulate the consensus. I live in Redskins country and love it when friends say "You're the only Cowboys fan I can hold a football conversation with, you always have facts." And let's call it how it is, Blogging The Boys is graduate level Cowboys fandom. I stand by my opinions, but I do not wed myself to them. I'm flexible, but not a flip-flopper. I'm a fantasy football nutjob. I don't claim to be an expert, but I promise sound logic and the work it requires to be right more often than not. Let's dive into some Cowboys talk shall we?


That's what the national scribes crave when they are watching the game, a juicy storyline. Sometimes, the writer fails to dig deeply and reverts to the same story lines that have been sullied week in week out, sometimes over multiple seasons. Unfortunately, sometimes the storylines you are fed by the media aren't indicative of what is really going on with the team. You know it when you see it. You've been scouring BTB all week and know everything there is to know about your team and their Sunday Cotillion partner. The national TV broadcast cranks up, there you are, fighting the gag reflex while they spew chunks of hot garbage about your team because it makes for good copy. Maybe you catch it when some uneducated so-called fan starts regurgitating those topics when you want to talk ‘real' football. We do not approve of those messages! Besides, what fun is making a retrospective storyline? We need to know who saw it coming!

Above you'll find a poll for what is the most likely/unlikely storyline for this weekend's tilt with the hated Iggles. Vote and let us know which you picked, or suggest a storyline of your own in the comments. The rule? It can't be something simple like 'We will throw for over 300 yards and 2 TDs'- it has to be something that came somewhat unexpected.

Someone predicting the storylines from last week's beatdown of Indy would have gone with something like:

  • Sean Lee goes crazy with 2 Int's including a TD return, invoking a new level of The Manning Face
  • Tashard Choice will not only make people forget Barber, but start the convo on whether he should start ahead of Felix
  • The Cowboys will rush for more yards than they pass for and still win the game

So vote away... and as always, Go Cowboys!

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