The Dallas Cowboys are OUR team.

We were here first.

Two NFL championship games (Green Bay, anyone?). Two Super Bowl victories. Three Super Bowl losses. Three straight NFC championship games in a row (Danny White, anyone?). This is our team. And then along came Jerry.
Yes, we won 3 out of 4 Super Bowls in the early 1990's, but we are now in the longest Super Bowl drought in franchise history.

I watched Jerry's interview on the show "60 minutes" and I was very dissapointed. Get used to it, Jerry is here and he is here to stay. The only way to get our team back is to outlive him.

It is hard to stomach. If you want to see the entire interview, here is the link:;cbsCarousel

I thought this is worth more than just a fanshot because of the many things that came out of Jerry's mouth.

First, here is a fact: Jerry is the only owner in the NFL that is also the GM. In training camp Jerry said that this is the best team he has ever been associated with in his 22 years in the NFL. (Really Jerry? Including the Aikman years?)

When asked if Jerry was George Steinbrenner's GM, would Steinbrenner have fired Jerry by now, Jerry answered of course he would have. And then Jerry said the way this thing is structured (the Cowboys), the fault is mine. He continued to say "if I were going to be in the foxhole with somebody, I would be in there with me."

When Jerry first bought the Cowboys his dad said to him "son, I don't care if you have to do it by mirrors, smoke screens or bailing wires, you gotta make this be a success or look like a success." (make it LOOK like a success? Are you kidding me?)

Talking about the Deion Sanders contract, Jerry said that his son Stephen did not like what Jerry was doing. Jerry said that Stephen cornered Jerry in a hallway and physically pushed Jerry up against a wall and said "dad, think about what you are doing here." Jerry replied, "Stephen, what are you going to do? Hit me? I want to do this!" (This little nugget is for everyone who thinks that Stephen might bring some sanity to the organization before Jerry dies.)

Then Jerry admitted that he is just a salesman. When asked if Jerry was afraid of failure, he replied "unlike a profession, there is no... job to fall back on, what is out to grab a briefcase, jump in a car and go to try sell somebody. So, no. I don't want to go back that far." (This really made me upset. Basically, Jerry is saying that the Dallas Cowboys are a sales job. He has no idea how to run a football team or a business for that matter. All he knows how to do is close sales deals.)

And the final piece of joy for those of you who are spiritual. This is a direct quote straight out of Jerry's mouth.

"I made a deal with the guy above. If he'd give me that third one (super bowl), I'd never ask again. I been trying to figure out how to make another trade (laughing). Well, as long as I know where He is, and I do, then, ah, maybe we can recraft a deal a little bit. And try that. We need another Super Bowl."

I don't know if I can outlive Jerry, but after this I am going to give it the best I can.

The Dallas Cowboys are MY team. I was here first!

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