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Orlando Scandrick Returning To Rookie Form; Manuel Johnson Likely Promotion

Nick Eatman of the Mothership has a good read up on Orlando Scandrick's play over the last five games, saying that the return against the Colts isn't the only good thing he's done since the coaching change:

While the coaching move could be seen as the reason for this sudden turnaround, Scandrick said it was another meeting with his position coach that really hit home.

During the week the Cowboys switched head coaches, it was also halfway through the 16-game schedule. That was when secondary coach Dave Campo sat down with all of the defensive backs and talked about the evaluations that would take place at the end of the season.


"My season has been tough," Scandrick said. "I feel like I've played well, but I know that I've had some bad plays at the most inopportune times. Big plays, not finding the ball sometimes. I feel like that overshadowed the good things I was doing. Now I think I'm making a few plays."

Manny Johnson will be promoted from practice squad to replace Kevin Ogletree.

From Clarence Hill of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Manual Johnson is expected to be called up from the practice squad to replace Ogletree who is expected to go on IR. Manny, a 7th round pick, will most likely be a special teams only player, at least this week. Ogletree is set for surgery Thursday.

It prevents Ogletree from building on last week's performance against the Eagles. It was his first game in place of the injured Dez Bryant. He had three catches for 34 yards before being injured on a kickoff return in the fourth quarter.

If Ogletree goes on injured reserve, the Cowboys will likely bring up receiver Manuel Johnson from the practice squad.

HatTip to OCC for the Fanshot

Everyone loves feel good stories, and everyone loves un-heralded wide receivers (see Crayton, Patrick and Austin, Miles). Here's to hoping Manny continues in our new tradition.

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