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Cowboys Revenge (Against McNabb) May Have to Be Served Cold

Who here wants to see more of the McNabb sad face?
Who here wants to see more of the McNabb sad face?

The Cowboys may have to wait for their revenge against Donovan McNabb.

According to a slew of reports, starting with Jay Glazer of Fox on Sunday, and now ESPN's Chris Mortensen and Mike Florio of, Rex Grossman could be the starting quarterback when Washington crawls into town on Sunday.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports there's a chance Grossman will start on Sunday at Dallas.  Though Kelli Johnson of CSN Washington cites an unnamed team source who says, "I don't think that's true," we've also heard that Grossman could be getting the start but that, at this point, nothing is definite.

It could be that the two men share the reps in practice again, and that coach Mike Shanahan decides on a starter based on how they both work this week.

So what will a Grossman start do to change your outlook on our chances in this rematch?

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