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The Cat, The Stinger And The Barbarian: Backfield By Committee In Dallas?

These guys don't seem to think it matters which one gets more carries... at least that what they tell us.
These guys don't seem to think it matters which one gets more carries... at least that what they tell us.

As most of you are aware, Marion Barber returned to practice in a limited capacity on Wednesday. Coach Garrett is non-commital on whether Barber suits up against Washington, but he seems like a sure bet to get some burn in the final two games of this trying season. Tom Osborn of the San Antonio Express-News caught up with Garrett:

“It was good to see him out there,” Garrett said. “He's been working hard in his rehab, both in the training room and the weight room and with our rehab guys. He's been making some progress.”

So what happens when Barber can play?

“One of the positive things for those guys is they have been in tandem backfields really throughout their whole careers — in college and certainly here in the NFL,” Garrett said. “It's something they are comfortable with, and we will continue to do as we've done in the past.”

Felix Jones remains the starter. I would think that is safe to assume. Although he hasn't shown the break away speed that we grew to crave his first two seasons, he still has the best burst on the team. IMHO, it's not his overall speed that's being affected by the extra weight; it's his wiggle. It's probably only in milliseconds, but that ability to freeze defenders is missing.

Obviously Tashard Choice did enough against Indianapolis to earn carries, even after his lackluster performance against the Eagles. You'd have to think that he is on the shortest leash because the team was so reluctant to give him any carries since the Washington game. He possesses the speed that Barber doesn't, and the power Felix wants.

And then there is Marion Barber. When last we saw him national announcers repeatedly told us that Barber is a force on short yardage plays; true Cowboys fans mumbled under their breath that he wasn't delivering like they're saying. Then with him out, we got to witness four different goal line opportunities and only one success on the ground. Watching the replays, the offensive line had horrible technique in trying to get a push, and runners continuously were met at or behind the line of scrimmage before they could gain any momentum for a forward fall.

So what are your feelings about our latest attempt at a three-headed backfield? Much ado about nothing? Have a favorite you think should be getting the nod over the others?

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