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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Jason Garrett Wants To Win (Surprise!)

Who wants tidbits? We want tidbits!
Who wants tidbits? We want tidbits!

You know you crave them. You need them in your life. There's really no point in denying it. There has only been one thing on your mind all day... come on in and get your Cowboys Tidbits.

Charean Williams blogs on that the Cowboys are hoping Marion Barber and Roy WIlliams will be able to return to the lineup this week, but news is pending on the concussed Sean Lee and Gerald Sensabaugh.

Both said they felt OK after the game, but they will undergo neurological testing and will have to be cleared by an independent doctor before they can return.

Jason Garrett wants to win, with no equivocation. He will not sacrifice the best chance to win so that the young guys on the roster get an opportunity to be evaluated. Clarence Hill, Jr. of quotes from today's presser:

"The goal everyday is to put your best foot forward and to be your best," Garrett said. "That’s an important thing for anybody, whether you are a coach or a player, a football team or whether you are person in life. That’s what we are going to continue to do. In our game, it’s about winning and losing. We try our best to win every week. We try our best to go about it the right way. Our young players who need be evaluated understand that approach...

The media always warns that Jason Garrett was the offensive coordinator during the Cowboys 1-7 start, just as Wade Phillips led the defense. Well then they need to give him just as much credit for getting the defense to do one thing better than they did under Phillips, even if the needle on the point meter isn't trending down anytime soon. The Cowboys are creating the turnovers needed to give this offense more opportunities. writes:

In six games since Garrett took over for Wade Phillips on November 8, the Cowboys have snagged 12 interceptions, turnovers that have played no small role in bailing out what has been a completely uninspired defense in four of the six games Dallas has played under Garrett this season.

On Sunday, the defense again faced its share of struggles, but due in no small to three turnovers, were actually able to salvage the victory.


  • We all heard it discussed that DeMarcus Ware became the first player since Simeon Rice to notch double digit sacks in five consecutive years, but that's not all he did. notes that the feat is also a Cowboys franchise record.

Some quick notes on players from the early portion of Jason Garrett's presser today. Pseudo-quotes, a word or two may be off a little bit.

Barry Church

You know he got extended play, the first extended play he's gotten on defense. He did some good things. There obviously some things he needs to clean up. For a young guy to be able to go in there and play safety against that team, how they use different formations and different motions...  I thought he held up well in some areas, and certainly we got to clean some things up. At different times, he did a good job, at other times… we have to address some things.

Jon Kitna

I think he some a natural moxie to him. I think he’s always had that, throughout his career.

Manny Johnson

He did a nice job, didn’t get many oppprtunities in the passing game, but he did a nice job.  He had poise, and played with some confidence, got himself open a few times even though we didn’t get the ball to him.

When asked about his gestures to amplify the crowd noise:

I think anytime you try to play quarterback or offensive football in this league, and you have to deal wth crowd noise on a third down it’s a competitive advantage for the home team…

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