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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: The Romo To IR Fallout

Even Santa's Helper can't wait until Christmas to receive her Cowboys' Tidbits. BTB will load up the sleigh for her.
Even Santa's Helper can't wait until Christmas to receive her Cowboys' Tidbits. BTB will load up the sleigh for her.

Here's your latest serving of Cowboys Tidbits. They're like your favorite pizza from college- good anytime of the day! Today's tasty toppings center around the offense, always a topic that the fans can't seem to fill up on.

What a great teammate. Even though he's been placed on injured reserve, DMN's Rainer Sabin reports Tony Romo will continue to travel with the team.

"He has the headset on," said interim coach Jason Garrett . "He understands the plays that are being called and just communicates with Wade Wilson and with Jon Kitna and really with the other guys, too. He's played in this offense more than anybody has, so he has a real understanding of what we're trying to get accomplished."

Already the second quarterback on the depth chart because of No Tony, Stephen McGee still appears a long shot to see any significant action in the teams last two games. Jason Garrett admitted as much during his presser. Rainer Sabin speaks to McGee's reaction:

McGee, who runs the scout-team offense, seemed resigned to his fate in the locker room, only minutes after Garrett revealed his intentions.

"I want to play," he said. "That's a given. That's something that I don't worry about. That's not my choice. I just go out there and get better every day at practice and worry about things I can control and stay the course for what I can take care of."

With Romo off the active roster, there remains the question of who will now become the third quarterback. Charean Williams reports that Manny Johnson, recently brought up from the practice squad could be the answer.

"We have to evaluate it based on the guys who are active," Garrett said. "Manny Johnson is a contender."

Johnson played quarterback and receiver at Gilmer High School, throwing 48 career touchdowns.

Speaking of our wide receivers, there's been a lot of conversation about the impending call up of Teddy Williams from the practice squad. ESPN Dallas reports the move wasn't made to help the team immediately due to all the injuries.

The Miami Dolphins tried to sign Teddy Williams off the Cowboys practice squad this week according to a source.

When the Dolphins made their move, the Cowboys quickly placed injured quarterback Tony Romo on injured reserve and moved Williams to the active roster.

Now there's an interesting take on the delay of the roster move. Engorge yourself on your tidbits-- you know you deserve them.

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