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5 Things Left To Wonder After Cowboys 33-30 Win Over Redskins

Felix Jones, Dallas' lead running back. I wonder if he's durable enough to build a game plan around?
Felix Jones, Dallas' lead running back. I wonder if he's durable enough to build a game plan around?

It's a short work week for the Dallas Cowboys. Not only do they have to run out and finish their Christmas shopping like the rest of us, but they have a game on Saturday against the Arizona Cardinals.  The victory over the rival Redskins was an exciting enough finish to provide a sense of joy and relief, but it still leaves us with questions we need to have answered.

5) Is Felix Jones just not a tough player?

Most people know I have been a Felix supporter, wanting both him and Tashard Choice to get more carries over the last two seasons. But I counted at least three times in the game against the Redskins where Felix limped off the field, or took a knee and stayed on the sidelines... only to return to the game a little bit later. People said that Felix couldn't be an every down back, and that much seems obvious. But I watch Sunday Ticket, I see other platoons- and it's not because the feature back is constantly ‘tapping his helmet'.

4) Did the front office wait until after the home portion of the schedule was completed before announcing Tony Romo to the IR?

Looking back, Tony never gave an indication he'd be ready anytime soon, but there was much debate based on the words of Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett. That included a major backpedal a few weeks ago from Jones himself.  Jones, the self-admitted salesman before GM, definitely thinks of the bottom line first, and nothing is easier to sell the ever-resilient American public than hope.

3) This may be revisionists history, as I remember it occasionally bothered me with every quarterback, but shouldn't Jon Kitna understand to throw to receivers beyond the marker when it's third down?

He is 38 years old you know. While I cheer for him loudly and appreciate the upgrade he is over Brad Johnson, there are some things I could do without.  When you watch Kitna, and you see the skill set he clearly possesses, you have to think that those kind of mental mistakes are the reason he's a journeymen. Being antsy in the pocket after being hit a few times doesn't help either. Skilled enough to remain gainfully employed, but nothing you can plan a successful long-term strategy around.

2)  Was Jason Garrett pretty much guaranteed the job for next year, barring a catastrophe?

The 2011 lockout is most likely coming. With all the talk of Jerry not wanting to bring in a new coach, pay him then watch him sit around with no one to direct...I have to wonder. Garrett is already paid like a head coach, and the team still would have had to pay him as well. Jerry just saved himself some uneasy nights.

1) With Bryan McCann proving that his big play ability is no fluke, I wonder where this draft class/ undrafted free agent will end up in recent Cowboys history.

Dez Bryant appears to be a Top 5 talent at wideout . Sean Lee has shown flashes of inside linebacker brilliance.  Despite allowing Tony Romo to get crunched, an act that probably will outlive his tenure with the team, Chris Gronkowski has been a highly successful fullback., one of this sites favorite stat resources, lists him as the third best fullback heading into next weekend's games.  

Josh Brent passes the eye test as a potential keeper at nose tackle.  Barry Church, Phil Costa, Sam Young may have legit NFL skill sets.  AOA is a TBD, but I wasn't very impressed with his supposed return skills. At the same time, I thought the same thing about Miles Austin's return skills until he broke that beautiful return in the playoffs against Seattle in January 2007. Every return he went straight up the field, hardly any vision. You could see the speed, but return skills are more than that.  Maybe AOA, coming from a small school background like Austin ( Indiana (PA), Monmouth respectively) will have a similar career ark. All in all, a very nice representation thus far.

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