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Storylines: What Will They Be Saying About The Cowboys @ Cardinals Game?

Our backfield complete again, The Cat, The Stinger, and The Barbarian will be... the <em>second </em>most productive three-headed attack Saturday Night?
Our backfield complete again, The Cat, The Stinger, and The Barbarian will be... the second most productive three-headed attack Saturday Night?

When we last performed this exercise, the team on the opposite sideline was just as fowl, albeit loathed a great deal more than this week's competition. While the Philadelphia Eagles have been the Cowboys most hated bird of the past few years, the Arizona Cardinals' feathers seem to have faded from fan's memories. A former NFC East rival transplanted to the NFC West during the league's last realignment, Arizona is square in our cross-hairs now. Dave does a great job recapping the series particulars in this piece here, and that deals with what we know going into the game.

Arizona is struggling without Kurt Warner this season. Matt Leinart wasn't the answer and they are still searching high and low. Larry Fitzgerald is still an all-universe catcher, but has descended into our normal stratosphere without a competent pitcher. Joey Porter is annoying. All fine and good fodder for conversation. Storylines poses the challenge, who here has a grip on what will be known AFTER the final whistle blows? Who can channel their inner Nostrodamus and predict what the lead storyline will be from tomorrow night's tilt in University of Phoenix Stadium?

Follow the jump for more details about the poll.

Let's start by eliminating the storylines that we can say are a good bet to actually transpire. These won't earn you any extra credit here.
  • The Cardinals will probably struggle running the ball
  • Jason Witten will probably be the star of the passing game
  • The Cowboys will struggle with goal line offense for the 57th game in a row (slight exaggeration)
  • Igor Olshansky will make one play, a TFL, and celebrate like his team won a round of charades

Remember, games rarely play out exactly how they should. Would anybody have predicted that last week's game would have ended up with over 60 total points and a last second David Beuhler field goal? Heck, would anyone have said that at halftime? One of the poll options from the Eagles game was that Jon Kitna would out-rush Michael Vick in a Cowboys victory. Kitna actually did his part, even though the Cowboys fell short.

The poll includes some left field possibilities that just might come to fruition. Use the comments section to stake your claim to being a Prediction Aficionado and tell us what crazy storyline you think will be written Sunday morning about the Cowboys-Cardinals throw down.

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