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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Jon Kitna Status Unknown, Stephen McGee Could Start

Andre Gurode might be handing tidbits to a third different starting quarterback this year.
Andre Gurode might be handing tidbits to a third different starting quarterback this year.

We, as fans, crave a solution to this motion sickness. We have been on a roller coaster ride that is more of a constant uphill climb; unfortunately without the satisfaction that should result. Is there a chef out there that can cook up the groceries that Jerry Jones insists shopping for? Can anyone provide the proper level of wait-service we customers need? Can we stomach another meal like we've been force-fed this 2010 season?

Let's hope these Cowboys tidbits can help to calm the gurgle we are all feeling.

The availability of Jon Kitna for the season-ending game against the Philadelphia Eagles is in serious question. It's likely we'll see Stephen McGee under center in Week 17. McGee is getting ready to play.

"Hopefully get some reps in practice will be the big thing," McGee said. "Of course, last week no reps. I think I've had three reps with our first-team offense in any practice situation in two years. Those things do matter. It'll be just kind of the same way of going about my preparation the same way I've done it just knowing now I'm in the game if (Kitna) can't go. Whatever that situation is, I don't know. I'm just going to prepare myself to start mentally and get my mind for that."

The Cowboys also had to make a move for a third QB. Todd Archer is reporting that the Cowboys will sign quarterback Chris Greisen to the practice squad in case Jon Kitna is unavailable against Philly.

By signing Greisen, 34, to the practice squad, the Cowboys do not have to pay a $25,000 transfer fee to the UFL. Greisen helped Florida reach the UFL championship game by winning his three starts. He completed 56-of-79 passes for 643 yards with five touchdowns and two interceptions in the regular season.

His Wikipedia page is already updated! Here is his stats bio.

A lot of fans wondered if Jason Garrett would be capable/allowed to send a message to the team by cutting Marion Barber with one game to play. It is considered very plausible that Barber and his high salary/low production ratio will be released in the off-season. In David Moore's recap, he relays Garrett's thoughts on Barber's celebration penalty.

"We talk about the importance of maintaining your poise and your composure in that situation, and he knows better," Garrett said. "It's not going to happen again."

In as sarcastic of a tone as you can relate through the Internet, I say this. There must have been some serious finger-wagging going on in that post-game locker room!


Bob Sturm uses the post-game tirade by Jerry Jones as the kickoff for his state of the union article here.

So, as we see Jerry Jones in the locker-room again, claiming to be "mad as hell", and appearing to have steam coming out of his ears, we can only wonder if it occurs to him the relation between attention to detail and the way the Cowboys prepare for their seasons. I know I will be considering all of this next time we hear that the Cowboys are going to have the odd "traveling training camp" so that the Cowboys can maximize their marketing and sponsorship opportunities all over the map.

We've discussed ad naseum the road show that Jerry put this team through this past off-season. However, is there anything in this recent rash of interviews that Jerry has given to think he wouldn't go down that road again?

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