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2010 Disappointment Could Mean Changes For Kitna, Williams And Other Cowboys

With the season winding down and playoff implications removed from the Eagles contest on Sunday, the pulse of Cowboys news is slowly shifting to reflection and projection. You'll notice the draft and free agency talk pick up, and the debate over which players stay and which go will be as heated as any prior off-season. Two players that figure to have a lot written about them over the next few months are Jon Kitna and Roy Williams. The two have been teammates since 2006, Williams third in the league.  Both are under contract for a few more years, however their impact since arriving in Big D are measured on completely different scales.

Kitna arrived prior to the 2009 season when Dallas traded cornerback Anthony Henry to Detroit. He sat for a healthy Tony Romo all of last season, then was thrust into action when Romo's clavicle was broken this past October. Prior to this season, Kitna signed a contract extension for the club to retain his services through 2013.  Williams arrived a few months prior, October 2008, in a trade for draft picks. He was subsequently signed to a lucrative six year extension through 2014 for $54 million. Both players have injury concerns late in the season, with Williams just returning to the lineup last week against Arizona and Kitna just leaving it.


Jan Hubbard of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram reports that Kitna is still hurting something serious, but is going to try and gut it out Sunday against the Eagles.

"We're still a ways away from the game, so we'll just see," Kitna said. "It's one of those things where it could be feeling really bad for three or four days and then the next day it could just be gone. Hopefully, that's the case."

Kitna, 38, said anything that involves movement hurts.

"There's no pain just standing here or anything like that," Kitna said. "There's just a dull sensation to it. Certain movements, you feel like you have a knife in your side."

Dave, who has this and other injury news here, doubts that Kitna will be able to go. Alot of fans would rather see McGee get more game experience, but you have to understand Kitna's mindset. He has gone his entire career without an offensive cast such as this. Romo is obviously the starter here, and who wouldn't want to maximize on the opportunity to start an NFL game at the age of 38? While he is under contract with the club through 2013, he isn't naive enough not to know that his clock starts ticking should McGee perform well. Kudos to Jon Kitna who has been a welcome addition to our beloved team.

Roy Williams on the other hand, may have put the nail in the coffin of his Cowboys career in an interview yesterday. Comparing himself to Michael Jordan, saying that Offensive Coordinators make stars out of receivers, Roy has become a master of deflection. Just ask Greg Toler, zing! Clarence Hill Jr, of the Ft. Worth Start Telegram provides his take on the underperforming players that will not make it back to Dallas in 2011.

 [The list] includes running back Marion Barber, guards Kyle Kosier and Leonard Davis, tackle Marc Colombo, defensive end Marcus Spears, safety Gerald Sensabaugh, linebacker Keith Brooking, safety  Alan Ball and cornerback Terence Newman

But it's maligned receiver Roy Williams who likely heads the list because of the bushel of draft picks the Cowboys gave up to get him from the Detroit in 2008 and the $9 million annual salary they gave him.

Rainer Sabin of DMN reports Roy would love to be here, but could be happy somewhere else. He speaks to his second half swoon here.

So let's get to it, arm chair experts. Who do you think should be trimmed off the roster to help improve the Cowboys? We all know 'should' and 'will' don't always mesh in regards to our opinions and Jerry Jones', so if you think that Cowboys conventional wisdom differs from yours, speak to both lists.

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