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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Coaching And Cowboys Roundup

Jason Garrett figures to be a head coach in the league for a long time. Will it be in Dallas or does Jerry Jones have other plans?
Jason Garrett figures to be a head coach in the league for a long time. Will it be in Dallas or does Jerry Jones have other plans?

Let's take a quick ride to the drive-through and see what kind of tidbits are on the menu for Cowboys fans.

In an online chat yesterday, DMN's Kevin Sherrington feels that Jason Garrett should walk away from an offer unless Jerry relents to giving him the authority that Wade Phillips didn't have. To be honest, I agree with him and I think there is a worry brewing in Cowboy fans' hearts that relates. Aren't we all a little afraid that Jerry will let Garrett become the head coach of another team (I've seen the Giants frightfully mentioned)? Sherrington believes Wade Phillips was doomed from the start because he had a coaching staff appointed for him.

There figures to be plenty of openings this off-season, despite the CBA uncertainty. Dallas, Minnesota, San Francisco and Denver have all removed their head coaches and there always seem to be a surprise firing here or there. Garrett could well be atop of many teams shortlists. As Jerry Jones said earlier in the week, if he will be conducting interviews to permanently fill the position of Cowboys Head Coach, the interim guy is allowed to interview with other teams.

With the edict coming down that the defensive staff must go, the instate rival Houston Texans appear to have a man with former ties in mind to do the ship-righting. Recently removed former head coach Wade Phillips might land in southern Texas to revitalize one of the leagues worst defenses according to the Jason LaConfora of the NFL Network.

The sources indicated Wednesday they are picking up signals that coach Gary Kubiak could end up keeping his job with the Texans despite their 5-10 record, which includes losing eight of their past nine games. If Kubiak does stay, Phillips would be a front-runner to take over the defense, which ranks last against the pass (277.1 yards per game) and 29th overall (380.6 yards per game) this season under coordinator Frank Bush.


Here's a roundup of other interesting tidbits relating to the Cowboys. Happy digestion and let us know what topic needs a little more simmering in the comments section.

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