Matt Mosely: McGee looks really good

Don't mean to spam the fanposts we McGee posts, but I thought this was worth passing on. Matt Mosely was on Galloway and Company and here is the abridged version of the conversation:

Mosely: There is a QB for the Cowboys… Number 7... Stephen McGee. I had numerous different players come up to me and say you could not believe the progress this guy has made

Galloway: I also had players and coaches tell me he has looked good. And last time we had a look at him in preseason he did a good job.

Mosely: Playing the role of Manning did all the gyrations, and he did a good job imitating him getting the defense ready. And now he looks like vick, he has speed, he can scramble and throw on the run. 7 different players tell me he is the Vick of the Cowboys organization.

Galloway: Should McGee play the last two games and see what happens? [rhetorical]

Actually we shouldn't be surprised about his mobility and athleticism. When he was originally drafted there were rumors that he would run the wildcat.

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