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Friday's 2010 NFL Scouting Combine Thread

Although we don't get to watch many of the actual live workouts until tomorrow, the entire NFL world is in a collective buzz at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Let the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine begin!

This is the first of several open Combine Threads that we will be posting over the course of the event. Use this thread to discuss all that is Combine or Cowboys-related.

Make the jump for more combine news...

At 2:30PM (EST) today, the NFLNetwork will again be broadcasting live from the Combine. The players' schedule today will round up the interview and medical evaluation process, and then the special teamers will begin their workouts. We may have to keep an eye on those kickers working out.

Tomorrow, the workouts will be broadcast live at 10AM (EST). Those workouts will be of interest to us here on BTB because they will begin with the offensive linemen.

Hat tip to nicholas.rodriguez for keeping us up to date on the weigh-ins of the offensive linemen. His first FanPost here compiles the measurements for the tackles, and his second one here does the same for the guards and centers.

According to Raf, the Cowboys may be looking hard at the defensive linemen in the next few days as well.

"Look hard at the nose tackle crop this year. One of the early pre-free agency stories is the vanishing free agent NT. The Steelers are wrapping up Casey Hampton long term. The Pats have announced they are keeping Vince Wilfork, the Packers locked up Ryan Pickett, who played on the nose for them last year, and the 49ers franchised Aubrayo Franklin, an unsung NT among casual fans, but one who is greatly appreciated by 49ers partisans and NFL personnel types.  The only option for locating Jay Ratliff's backup now appears to be the draft."

Yesterday was the deadline for teams to place franchise tags and Miles Austin was not one of the six NFL players that were franchised. Notice below that three of these players are defensive tackles.

Ryan Pickett, DT, Green Bay
Vince Wilfork, DT, New England
Richard Seymour, DE, Oakland
Jeff Reed, K, Pittsburgh
Aubrayo Franklin, DT, San Francisco
Olindo Mare, K, Seattle

Here's the workout schedule.


Saturday, Feb. 27

Group 2 (OL)
Group 3 (TE)

Sunday, Feb. 28

Group 4 (QB, WR)
Group 5 (QB, WR)
Group 6 (RB)

Monday, March 1

Group 7 (DL)
Group 8 (DL)
Group 9 (LB)

Tuesday, March 2

Group 10 (DB)
Group 11 (DB)


The Combine workouts will be broadcast live here. Follow the NFL's Live Combine Blog here.

Also, visit SB Nation's "NFL Combine Diary" where SBN representative, Peter Bean, has been sent to updates and recaps each day's happenings.

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