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Does Jerry's Comment Hint at Extensive Cowboys Free Agent Activity?

Jerry Jones' remarks today that he expects "ten to eleven new Cowboys" on this year's roster intrigues, given that Dallas only has six picks in April's draft.  Dallas has been good at producing undrafted free agents in recent years.  Tony Romo and Miles Austin headline a group that added Kevin Ogletree last year.

Even the most optimistic draft outcome would see seven or maybe eight rookies.  Where would the other three to four new players come from?

Free agency offers a possibility, though the Final Eight restrictions mean Dallas won't be able to sign many big ticket players.  The expanded free agent rules mean the talent pool will be relatively shallow, unless...

teams cut a lot of veterans with long-term deals their teams no longer feel are good investments.  We won't know the full number of such bad-contract cuts until the free agency period begins next week. 

Don't discount trades.  With the playoff field limited to some extent, and teams less willing to swap draft picks, given the depth of this year's class, we may see something football has never had, relative to sports like baseball or basketball -- a good old fashioned hot-stove league, or in the NFL's case, a sun-deck league.  Stay tuned.

Jerry, as much as he might want to, can't turn six picks into eleven players.

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