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Emmitt Smith Waiting on a Call; More from Tony Dorsett

Later today, a former Cowboys running back will receive a very important call. Without a doubt, Emmitt Smith is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. I could go on and on about his durability, his ability to see tackles coming and break free, the low-center of gravity that gave power to a short back, his blocking and receiving - you get the drift. Emmitt was simply one of the best and most complete backs to ever play the game. So instead of telling you what you already know, let's give him some video love, before the announcement comes out later today.

More about a different Cowboys running back legend after the jump.

Here's the second part of the Tony Dorsett interview my friend Joel Thorman, representing SB Nation, had with Tony Dorsett concerning the famous 99-yard run.

SBN: I asked some Cowboys fans what I should ask you and they all said: The 99-yard run.

Dorsett: First of all, let me tell you, when I saw the ball back there as far as it was, you can't get too fancy and too creative. When I was running on the field, I said 'Tighten up the chinstrap a little more' because you're going to be running straight ahead and someone is going to get a good shot on you. Fortunately I got good blocks from Tom Rafferty our center and Herb Scott our guard, a trap block. I jumped through the hole, and it doesn't take much for a 180 pound guy like me to hit it and break a tackle and make a guy miss. Then I'm off to the races.

I got to the second level so fast and then the third level -- I don't  know if they knew what hit them. I got there so fast, then there's Drew Pearson and the two defenders. Drew's legs - it looks like he's tiring - and I'm like, 'Okay I have to make a move', so I'm going to try to pass him and then he throws a block and pushes the guy further down the field. I was like a foot from the sideline and I was running out of gas so I thought he was going to push me out of bounds. But he didn't have enough push in that shove to get me out of bounds and it ended up being a record setting run.

SBN: Did you think anyone was coming from behind?

Dorsett: I didn't think anyone was coming from behind but there were guys ahead of me with angles and I was thinking someone was there and was going to push me out of bounds but it didn't happen.

Video of Tony's run.

Check out this piece about how the Cowboys acquired Tony Dorsett in the draft.

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