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Welcome a New Writer to BTB's Front Page

As is tradition here at BTB, we add some front-page help over the offseason. We do this to add new voices to the blog with differing points of view and expertise. We like to bring up guys (or gals) from the community who have done exemplary work in the FanPosts and the comments section over an extended period of time. Also, it has to be someone who has received the recognition of his peers.

We've got just such a person at BTB. You guys know 'em, most of you guys love his work, so it should be no surprise we are bringing him up to the front for the 2010 offseason.


Please help me welcome One.Cool.Customer as a contributing writer here at BTB. O.C.C. (as I will officially call him from now on) has been posting awesome FanPosts using statistics to look at all kinds of things to do with football and the Cowboys. He'll continue that work now over the spring and summer.

Congrats O.C.C. on your excellent work so far, and on your many upcoming masterpieces. (Heh, nothing like putting  a little pressure on right out of the gate.)

Now, a word or two from our newest contributor - One.Cool.Customer. (Known to his friends as Lars).

I had lots of fun posting in the FanPosts section in the past, and judging by the comments, so did most of you. When Dave asked me to help out on the front-page for the offseason, I felt both delighted and a little nervous. Posting on the front page is a different animal altogether, so I ask for a little patience as I find my way around the do's and dont's. For those of you familiar with my previous stuff on BTB, expect more of the same - all others, expect posts that are heavily focused on stats, sometimes serious in tone, sometimes irreverent, and occasionally with obscure stat that are off the beaten path.

Some of the regular readers here know that I live in Germany. But now it's time to come clean on another minor detail: I don't just live here, I am in fact a German. I spent some time in the early eighties with my parents in Columbia, South Carolina (Go Clemson!) where my parents bought an impressionable 10-year old a Cowboys jacket, and I've stuck with the Cowboys ever since. My younger brother got a Steelers jacket, so the two of us now have 11 rings between us :-).

Here's hoping that you will find my contribution to the front page either entertaining or enlightening - and ideally a combination of both - in what already feels like a very, very long off-season ahead of us.


Be sure to say hello to O.C.C. and congratulate him on his move to the front.

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