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Cowboys Planning to Split Training Camp; Oxnard and San Antonio

The Cowboys might be returning to Oxnard, CA for part of training camp in 2010.
The Cowboys might be returning to Oxnard, CA for part of training camp in 2010.

I make no bones about it; I love training camp in Oxnard. The action takes place outside and the weather is usually perfect at that time of year with the ocean breezes cooling things down - and it's much easier to get closer to the field and see the action. Nothing against San Antonio, the town is a lot of fun with plenty of things to do, but practices in the cavernous dome somehow seem sterile. In Oxnard you get the feeling of being right next to the team, almost like watching a high school football game.

Turns out we're probably going to get training camp in two locales this year.

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From the LA Times:

The Dallas Cowboys are putting the finishing touches on a deal to return to Oxnard for part of their training camp this summer, team executive Stephen Jones said.

"There's a good chance we're there," Jones told The Times at the NFL owners meetings Monday in Orlando, Fla. "We're getting everything put to bed."

The Cowboys are planning to spend 10 days to two weeks in Oxnard with the remainder of the time in San Antonio. We've got an extended training camp this year because of the Cowboys participation in the Hall of Fame game that will kick off the preseason.

Jerry likes Oxnard for some of the same reason I do.

"It's great for us," he said. "We get a lot out of it. We get great coverage. I think it gives the players a nice little getaway ... I think it will spice things up, getting outside in that cool, fresh air."

I know we haven't even hit the draft yet, but I find my thoughts already starting to turn towards training camp. Why does the season seem so short and the offseason so long?

And yes, very soon we'll start running the BTB fundraiser to help defray the costs of covering training camp. This year, it looks like we'll be traveling to two cities for full coverage. So please consider chipping in when the fundraiser rolls around.

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