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Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Fundraiser

Hello BTB'ers,

Raf, Aaron and I are kicking off the BTB 2010 Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Fundraiser! Woo hoo!

Yes, we'll be covering training camp again this year. But it costs money to buy plane tickets, book hotels, get rental cars, eat at restaurants, not to mention the late-night trips to the local...uhh...entertainment establishments?! OK, scratch that last part, but all that other stuff does end up socking the bank account.

So like last year, and like previous years on Raf's old blog, we're asking you to chip-in a little to help us out. This year we may end up having to cover two cities (San Antonio and Oxnard), plus, I'm working on something for the Hall of Fame Game so we might end up there, too. That's a lot of travel for us, and you know how that can add up.

So please, if you enjoy reading BTB regularly and enjoy getting your training camp coverage from here, we really need your help...preferably in donations! Don't delay, contribute today.


BTB Staff

(I've added a box on the left-hand column where the donation button will be available 24/7, right up until camp starts)

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