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NFL Free Agency Eve '10: Ready, Steady, Swap!

We've commented today that the unrestricted free agent ranks are populated by older players.  Any decent young player, no matter how marginal he may seem has received a high round tender.  Consider Cowboys backups like Sam Hurd and Cory Proctor have 2nd round tenders tonight. 

I doubt that 32 teams intend to stand pat, with last year's rosters.  This looks like teams arming for a major swap meet.  I asked around tonight to see if teams were in fact looking to trade.  One source told me to scan the RFA lists, because many general managers are talking about trades. The question is whether they have the nerve to pull them off?

Early indications are yes. The Lions and Browns have apparently reached an agreement that would send DT Corey Williams to the Motor City for a low-round draft pick.  Disgruntled Chargers CB Antonio Cromartie is also on the verge of being shipped to the Jets for a conditional 3rd-round pick.

The RFA comment does not quite mesh with these two deals, which are for players under contract.  My understanding is that teams cannot deal players who have not signed their tenders.  That said, could we be close to a flurry of NBA-style sign-and-trade deals, where teams work out compensation up to, but not necessarily the amount called for by the players' tender(s)?

Stay tuned.

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