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NFL Free Agency '10: At the 12 Hour Pole

The latest:

-- 2:55 CT:  Adam Schefter just tweeted the Cards are "close" to trading WR Anquan Boldin, with Baltimore the suspeced favorite.  The Chiefs are also interested, a move that would unite Boldin with his old sideline sparring partner Todd Haley.

This comes not long after claims the Seahawks will sign Brandon Marshall to an offer sheet.

-- Julius Peppers' signing with the Bears is "imminent," according to the Chicago Sun-Times.   The Bears have also signed RB Chester Taylor to a multi-year deal.

-- The big spenders thus far are in the NFC North.  The Bears are giving OC Mike Martz a backfield toy and DC Rod Marinelli has a DE perfectly suited for his Tampa-2 scheme. 

The Lions, meanwhile, have upgraded themselves.  They signed former Titans DE Kyle Vanden bosch and traded with Cleveland for DT Corey Williams.  They now expect to get one of the McCoy/Suh DT duo with the 2nd pick.  They've created a readymade D-line for Jim Schwartz's pressure 4-3.  With the CB class sliding a bit, I would not be surprised to see them grab one of this year's best atop the 2nd to help their awful secondary.

On the offensive side, they snagged WR Nate Burleson to ride shotgun to Calvin Johnson.  Detroit still has a ways to go, but they just took a giant step towards respectability in the last 12 hours.

Look at the Divisional Tells

-- The Giants are going hard after a free safety.  This could affect the Cowboys, who are also looking for a FS at the 27th spot.  If New York loses out on Antrel Rolle, a guy like Earl Thomas becomes more appealing to them. 

-- Philadelphia, to nobody's surprise, is looking for a pass rushing end.  They made Peppers and offer and had a visit scheduled with Aaron Kampman.  If they don't get one here, look for them to target DEs like Brandon Graham high in the draft. 

If the Eagles get a vet on the edge? Add them to the Thomas sweepstakes.  Macho Harris was a frequent target this year.  Patrick Crayton tore him up at the end of the season.

-- The Redskins are going OT early.  If they succeed, quarterback, receiver or even D-line all rise up on their top-5 wish list.

The Cowboys?  They're happy to wait out the early wave of UFA signings, more commonly known as the "silly money" period.  When the top 10-15 or so, the younger, marquee unrestricted guys settle, we should see teams move down to the RFAs.  You may see the Cowboys enter this arena, probably in a week or so.

More updates as they become available.

Tonight, a look at centers.  Tomorrow: Mock 3.0

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