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Cowboys Draft '10: 25 Reasons to Hope for Two Big "Wows"

A source just advised me that the Cowboys have assigned 25 first round grades on this year's board.  This means:

  • This is indeed a deep draft, at least at the top.  This is the largest group of 1sts I've heard of.  I've been told the numbers range from 18 to 24 or 25, depending on the year. 
  • Dallas is not far off the cut.  Picking 27th, they have a very good shot at seeing a player or even two fall into their grasp if just a couple of what Dallas-area, ESPN-radio draft analyst Bryan Broaddus termed "wow" picks occur.  He's referring to selections that defy expectations and make all the mockers and personnel guys go "wow."  Think Darius Heyward-Bey at the 8th pick last year.  Think Donte Whitner at the 9th overall spot in '06.

From the Cowboys' perspective, think to '08 when Gosder Cherilus, Joe Flacco and Sam Baker were taken in the 17-21 range.  Flacco had snuck into the late 1st in several mocks just before the draft but Baltimore didn't want to risk dropping down and losing him and picked him 19th overall  Cherilus and Baker were true wows, as both were forecast as very late 1st, or early to mid 2nds. 

They gave Dallas aid, however, as their selections kept Mike Jenkins on the board, allowing the Cowboys to move up three spots and nab him at 25. 

This year, just two wows could put a guy the Cowboys truly value, a guy like Jared Odrick or even a Mike Iuputi, in silver and blue. 

Practice and repeat, every day between now and draft day.   Take Lauren Bacalls' advice, put your lips together and say, "wow! wow!"

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