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Sunday Poll: Cowboys at 27...Pick B.P.A. or Trade Away?

At last, Draft Week is upon us! We've all been looking forward to this Thursday night for quite some time now.

However, there's always the chance the Cowboys will trade down and not have their first pick until Friday. Would you be okay with that considering the depth of this draft? Netting some extra picks is always an intriguing prospect.

Or would you rather the team stays put and selects the best available player? Now that you've read both Raf's and OCC's latest articles, you should have a good feel of who will still be around come the 27th pick.

What about trading up? Remember that on Draft Day, veteran players' stocks fall. So, trading a guy like Marcus Spears or even one of the running backs may not be the most prudent of choices. On the other hand, trading up increases the probability that the Cowboys leave the first round with a bonafide ball player.

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