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Drafts' Eve 2010: Shams & Wows

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Can we draw any conclusions on this day of head fakes, powerful fiction and riddles from Pete Carroll which would get the better of Batman and Robin:

-- The Houston Chronicle's Lance Zeirlein treeted last night that sources (that's plural) have him feeling confident the Texans will pick RB Ryan Matthews with the 20th pick.

-- The National Football Post's Wes Bunting has a new piece on risers and fallers, bases on late reports which pushes USC OT Charles Brown into the mid 1st round.  Who might take him in the 15-20 range?  I'm thinking the 49ers, or perhaps the Giants, if their top linebacker or defense end options are gone.  If he's rising, i can't see him getting beyond the Packers at 23.  They need a tackle and he fits their player profile.

-- Who said the NFL is the no-fun league?  Seahawks honcho Pete Carroll has been giving out song titles as hints on the team's draft targets.  It's led to a thread devoted to deciphering the clues.  Among the suspects are Taylor Mays and Jahvid Best.  Take a look.

The draft is just over 25 hours away.  Anybody meeting in Austin?  Contact me in the thread.