A big thanks to Dave, Aaron, Rafael, and OCC

The quality and diversity of the coverage of the Cowboys from the end of the playoffs until the draft has been amazing.

I was a big fan of Rafael and Raul's blog before they joined forces with BTB, and was skeptical that it would be as good as the previous version, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I can see from the effort of the past 3+ months that Rafael has stepped up his game with an insightful 26 part series on the draft, plus mocks, plus all the other articles.

Aaron and Dave do a nice job with other interesting articles and VRRs to keep us all up to date with the daily happenings.

And the best new set of features are coming from OCC - the level of the analysis is mind-blowing. So much better than the effort put out by paid journalists and any other blog I have seen on SB Nation.

I remember back in the mid-90's I used to pay an annual fee for an e-mail newsletter produced by Skip Bayless 3 times a week (and less frequent in the off-season). It was nothing compared to the content on this blog, but I was starved for Cowboys news (must have been to listen to what Skip had to say).

If I was willing to pay $100 a year for that newsletter, I think it is time to click on that Donate link to ensure we get to see the training camp coverage later this summer.

Again, thanks for the effort you guys make. Even with baseball in season, and playoffs for basketball and hockey, I spend a lot more time on BTB for off-season Cowboys news and analysis than I do paying attention to any of those other minor distraction.

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