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2010 NFL Draft: Hour One Live Blog

Fibbing time is over.  No more bluffs. The teams at the top of the 2010 NFL draft have to show their cards and pick their players.

I think the first three picks are fairly set, but the next eight, starting with the Washington Redskins at four and going through the Miami Dolphins at 12, could go in any direction.  Follow it with us.

8:27:  The Oakland Raiders select Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama.  There's your first wow. The Broncos and Giants are crestfallen. Does this increase the odds of a trade down by Denver?

8:24:  Here comes Al Davis and  the Oakland Raiders.  In the last three minutes I've seen Spiller, Iuputi and now Anthony Davis, courtesy of Adam Schefter.  Who know?  Only the Raiders Shadow knows.  

8:23:  The Cleveland Browns select Joe Haden, CB from Florida.  

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8:21:  And the Cowboys finally enter the narrative. Two tweeks in the last minute have

-- Cleveland debating Joe Haden and Kyle Wilson and the Raiders talking C.J. Spiller or Mike Iupati.  

8:16:  Finally, some drama.  Does anybody really know who the Cleveland Browns will pick?  They don't need an OT.  Corner?  Quarterback?  What?

8:15:  The Seattle Seahawks select Russell Okung, OT from Oklahoma State.  This is the "backdoor man" (blindside protector) Pete Carroll teased on Twitter yesterday.  I don't think Carroll expected this backdoor man, but I'm sure he's happy all the same.  

8:07:  The Kansas City Chiefs select Eric Berry, FS from Tennessee.  The Big 12's run is broken!  But Russell Okung won't last long.  The Seahawks will grab him with both hands at seven.

7:59:  The Washington Redskins pick Trent Williams, OT from Oklahoma.  A mild surprise, but he had become part of the Redskins conversation in recent days.  

7:55: Tweets are Washington is locked into 4.  Adam Schefter says a "surprise OT' is coming.  Does he mean Williams?

7:52:  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Gerald McCoy, DT from Oklahoma.  The Big 12 is three for three.  Now, the draft really begins.  Will Washington pick a tackle, a safety of a quarterback?

7:44:  The Detroit Lions select Ndamukong Suh, DT from Nebraska.  We're right on schedule.  What's more, the teams are only taking six minutes of their alloted ten to pick.  I like this.  If there's no trade in the works, there's no need to keep the fans and the player waiting. 

7:38:  The St. Louis Rams select QB Sam Bradford from Oklahoma.  

7:34:  Jay Glazer treets the Rams will not trade unless they get an unexpected last minute deal.  Get ready to hear Sam Bradford's name in about five minutes.

7:33:  Commissioner Roger Goodell opens the draft to a thunderous ovation.

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